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We call ourselves CFO Service Company as our services including end-to-end hands-on financial parts in the company from accounting, taxation and all the way through to advisory.

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Clear and Transparent Bookkeeping

Record, store, and retrieve company’s financial transactions, as part of accounting process in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation.

Trustworthy Financial Manager

Manage all cash-in and cash-out transactions on behalf of the client. We partner with world-class systems and platforms with accountability and reliability in mind.

Accurate Accounting Records

We ensure the recording of all your company’s financial transactions are accurate, consistent, timely, and clearly identified for further purposes of historical audit and even future projections.

Right Calculation Tax

Dealing with tax liability and creating worksheets, to prepare and submit on tax return, payment slip, withholding tax slip, and associated documents by the appropriate deadlines, we cover all the tax solutions for your company.

Reliable Financial Advisor

We work with CEOs on company budgets and projections by monitoring and overseeing the financial statements and reports, and ultimately enhancing accounting processes.

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