Stop do Bookkeeping by Yourself, Let us do For You. Save Your Time! Just Focus on Growing Your Business


Our team are licensed accountant &
ecperience on manage accounts,
also trained to reduce error on
accounting process


We work with high precision to
provide financial counsel and
empower strategic business


We provide insights and solutions by
positioning ourselves in client’s
perspective to relate, connect, and
understand the best approach.

Our Services

Collect all your transactions data from receipt until payments although its still
raw data

Prepare Ledger On our software partner,
so you don't have to prepare it manually by yourself

Review all Your company transactions &
payments nominal to be approved and
publish it to the ledger

How Our Work Process?

How Our Bookkeeping Services Works

Data Submission

Our expert team will work on clients needs. From account reviews, preparing financial statements monthly, quarterly, and year end financial statements

Input Process System

Our expert team will input all the expenses such as reimbursement to the system and upload to our accounting software partner, Xero


Our expert team will ask the clients to approval all the reimbursement data, after clients check & review all the reimbursement data that already upload to Xero

Publish Report

After clients approve all the data, we will create the ledger and publish it to Xero, and clients can access it


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